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Purify Detox Tea – Medical Mary


Medical Mary’s Lemon-flavored Purify Detox Tea contains 30 10mg CBD individual tea sticks. 300mg total CBD per bag.

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Medical Mary comes up with the Purify Detox Tea with your health in mind. This product is an al natural detox and cleansing tea with premium broad spectrum CBD infused. It combines CBD along with detox and weight loss ingredients. This tea has a Lemon-flavored all natural proprietary blend, in other words it contains only all-natural ingredients. This tea is great because it will entice your taste buds while helping your health. Try this tea to experience the therapeutic and holistic benefits that CBD has to offer in a delicious way. The Purify Detox Tea comes in a bag with 30 individual serving sticks, each containing 10mg of CBD. There is a total of 300mgs of CBD per bag, although each individual tea stick can lead to a widespread of benefits. The benefits that Medical Mary’s Purify Detox Tea may include are:

  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Management
  • Boost in Energy
  • Improved Sleep
  • Enhanced Skin Conditions
  • Cleaning of you intestines and organs

Included / Specs

  • 300mg CBD per bag
  • 30 individual tea sticks
  • 10mg CBD per tea stick
  • Great for your overall health

Suggested use

  • Mix one individual tea stick into hot water to make an 8 to 16oz glass of Tea
  • Take once or twice daily, or as needed

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