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CBD Massage Oil – Medical Mary


Relax and soothe your muscles while gaining the benefits of CBD and Lavender using Medical Mary’s 4oz 100mg CBD Massage Oil.

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Medical Mary produces a top of the line CBD Massage Oil for the purpose of benefiting people with CBD in addition to a regular massage. The health benefits of a regular massage are well know. The result of a massage can include stress reduction, muscle relaxation, improved sleep. and even cardiovascular health. Medical Mary’s soothing CBD massage oil can bring the luxurious experience of massage to a whole new level. The massage oil will help melt away any tension in your body and leave you rested and glowing. This is because when Medical Mary formulated the oil with premium CBD and pure lavender, they had relaxation in mind. This Medical Mary CBD Massage Oil contains 100mg of CBD and comes in a 4 oz bottle. Relax and soothe your muscles while you use this CBD massage oil as well as gaining the benefits of CBD and Lavender.

Some of the benefits that may be included with using this product are:

  • Smooth Texture and Tone
  • Collagen and Elastin Boost
  • Brighter and Firmer Skin appearance
  • Deep Moisture and Relaxation

Included / Specs

  • Come in a 4 oz (120ml) bottle
  • Containing 100mg CBD per bottle
  • Has a Lavender Scent

Suggested use

  • As Massage Oil to enhance the massage
  • As a night time lotion before bed.

Use a few drops of this oil (a little goes along way with this product).

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